VR Tree

Promoting Experiential Learning


VRTree is a technology driven organization with education management expertise working steadily towards providing support to education institutions. Entities like schools, colleges, universities and other research institutions can benefit from our vivid range of Virtual Lab services. Our team provide state of the art Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality content so students can learn, grasp and retain better. Our oraganization provides Interactive VR experiences, 360° panoramic videos, training videos and everything related to VR that the education sector will ever need.

Experiencing geometry with Virtual Reality Kids love to learn through VR

Virtual Reality Labs for Educational Institutions

Be it an elementary school or an engineering university we have got the best for each type of institution. Learning medical sciences or doing PHD research will not be limited to just thick books anymore thanks to interactive technologies like Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Holograms and much more. Let us to help you identify what works out the best for your institution or organization.

Virtual Reality for education

Customized Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality Content

Tailor made educational content as per the need of the curriculum along with enhanced ways to improve learning experience and visualizing competence of students. Our team design and develops experiences which you will never forget even if you want to. As it has been rightly said what we see and experience remains the longest in our minds and VRTree believesves in creating experiences that keep you hooked up. Contact us to be amazed of how much can be learned through these technologies.

Learning industrial machinery through VR

VR Development Training & Workshops

Industry trained professionals are here to deliver the best of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality world at your institution. Learn how these interactive applications and content is developed to explore new avenues of employment. Join us in the scout for hidden potential in the current generation to meet their passion.

Bringing creativity and learning together